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Our FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What methods of payment do you accept?

We currently accept all major credit cards and bank wires.

Where are your experts located?

Currently, most of our experts being located in LATAM.

Is there a trial period?

Yes, we begin each engagement with a trial period of up to two weeks to ensure its success. During this time, you have the opportunity to evaluate our services and make sure that they meet your expectations. If you are fully satisfied with the results, we will invoice you for the time spent and continue the engagement for as long as you wish. 
However, if you are not entirely satisfied, you will not be charged, and we can either terminate the agreement or offer you another expert who might be a better fit, and we will start a second trial with them.

How is HireDeal different?

In HireDeal, we distinguish ourselves by offering a diverse range of working areas and industries. We do not solely focus on IT companies like many of our competitors. Our approach to managing headhunting costs sets us apart. Moreover, our value proposition is to provide top-quality talent at a lower cost or at the same level of quality with better cost-effectiveness. Our cost structure enables us to offer significant cost savings, making us a unique player in the market

Who owns the legal rights to the work created by a HireDeal expert?

HireDeal’s focus is solely on linking highly skilled professionals with clients seeking their services, rather than intellectual property. Therefore, all contracts specify that any work produced by a HireDeal expert belongs to the client and not to HireDeal.

How do we ensure that our Intellectual Property is protected?

HireDeal has talent agreements with each member of its network, and as part of these agreements, HireDeal becomes the sole owner of the work created by its talent when working with a client. This means that all intellectual property related to the work created by HireDeal’s talent for the client is transferred to the client, not to HireDeal. This arrangement is straightforward and has been successful for HireDeal’s clients over the years. However, if a client wishes to have a direct agreement with the expert to transfer the IP property directly, HireDeal is willing to work with the client to ensure their requirements are met.